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Creating atmosphere with your voice

Voiceover style; atmospheric, captivating, poetic,a sense of wonder

We all know how evocative sounds can be; think of the sound of the ocean, or of a noisy city street. So it follows that the sound of your voice, in addition to creating mood or feel for a particular brand, can also evoke atmosphere and a sense of place. For this piece about Jorge Luis Borges' summer house in Adrogue, south of Buenos Aires, I wanted my voice to have a sense of wonder and an intimate quality to convey the stillness of this peaceful place, haunted by the spirit of Borges.

Me conmovió profundamente cuando visité la casa de Jorge Luis Borges en Adrogué, al sur de Buenos Aires. Quería capturar la magia del lugar que me lleva a encontrarme con Borges .

Al leer mi escrito, quise tener en cuenta la lectura poética y narrativa que se entrelaza. La clave era no sonar demasiado emocional, tampoco demasiado informal. Estoy feliz con el resultado final. El balance que buscaba se ha logrado.

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