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Dramatic storytelling - part one

Voiceover style; From mysterious, seductive, knowing to fast paced, urgent, frantic.

Recorded for BBC Sport as the opening for the World Cup, this montage is about a mythical amazonian monster-snake.

The aim of my story telling style at the start of the piece is to trigger a reactive emotion in the audience so that they become drawn in and immersed in the story, willing to put reality to one side for a while.

To be convincing, I needed to sound all-knowing about something fascinating and strange and allow the modulation in my voice to convey my own emotional response to the subject.

The story telling style then moves to a more urgent pace. This change of pace and reading style has shock-value to grab your attention (if I didn't get you the first time!) It is designed to put you in the frame. You are in danger! There is an frantic note in my voice warning you to beware, intensifying the sense of being in the story

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