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Tell me a story - 'Sally Sunday's Glasses' voiceover foreign accent

Voiceover style; upbeat, enthusiastic, narrative

This is an idea for a children’s book I had with my partner. Read in Spanish, it is a good example of a narrative style.

I love recording to a brief but it’s also great to record my own stories for myself, to have the creative freedom to do my own thing. It presents its own challenges and I am my own greatest critic when it comes to getting the performance right.

Doing my own production is really liberating. Additional audio material can have a huge influence on the style of the piece.

In this case I used sound effects to enhance the quirkiness already there in the illustrations. It allowed me keep my reading fairly straight faced, though cheerful!

My reading is greatly influenced by the visuals; A picture tells a thousand words and it is true that in this case, the illustrations are my brief. I can immediately determine what sort of story it is, the mood and the tone it should have and the age group it is aimed at.

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