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Narration & voice acting for radio drama

Voice over style: Understated narration, voice acting, character voice

I have always had a passion for Radio Drama. This story ‘Almuerzo y Duda’ ‘Lunch and doubt’ was the perfect opportunity for me to flex my narrating and voice acting skills.

Based on a short story by the great Uruguayan writer Mario Benedetti, ‘Almuerzo y Dudas’ is centred around a witty dialogue between a man and a woman which slowly reveals hidden issues beneath the surface.

As a narrator also playing the part of Matilde, I wanted to find a voice for the narrator that would distinguish her from the character. My narration is understated and calm, using pace and space rather than emotion to draw the listener in. The narrator’s voice becomes part of the atmosphere of the story.

It was important to imagine the character of Matilde emotionally, what she was feeling, what she was expecting to get out of the encounter. I played Matilde in a seductive mood, undermined by cynicism and resentfulness.

To place the audience in the scene, I have used some carefully selected sound effects.


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