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Creating ambience in storytelling

Voice over style: Plain, understated narrator

How much drama should the narrator use when relating a story?

Of course, it depends on the subject matter, and mood of the narrative, but as a rule, less is definitely more.

When the narrative turns to darker subjects, I keep a respectful distance.

This is an example of a narrative reading style where I have used pacing rather than emotion to add dynamics and drama to the narration. The subject matter is tragic but the narrator relays the story in a flat, understated tone with very little emotion. It is by no means a cold or indifferent voice. It is a plain tone that is surprisingly difficult to hit exactly right.

My voice, the voice of the story teller, has empathy with the tragic circumstances but is not effected by them.

Unlike the tone I would use for reportage, there is a more poetic, pensive quality to my reading.

In this case I have chosen to voice Leila, as a character which gives an important lift to the overall melancholy of the story.


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