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Q. I have a voice over project. What is your process? 


A. You send me your script and number of words stating for how long the audio will be used and where. (See Usage and Duration, below)

  1. I send you a quote on the day of your enquiry. Retakes and revisions are covered here. 

  2. We agree on the scope of the project. 

  3. We discuss the creative direction; tone of voice and the style you prefer for the read. 

  4. I record, edit, and send you the audio, (MP3/WAV).

  5. You sign off the audio or request any retakes. 

  6. I send the invoice.


Q. Can you do live, directed sessions?


A. Of course! You can let me know if you prefer a live session, with a Zoom link. On the day of the session, you’ll join by Zoom, direct me live, and hear the audio right off the booth mic. Then I can either send you the raw session or the final, edited file.


Q. Can you do live sessions via ZOOM, CleanFeed?

A. Yes. I use Cleanfeed. I can send the link to you upon request. 


Q. Is there an extra fee for live sessions?

A. No. A live session is included in your quote if you like to work live. The session is paid for upfront when you book, and that fee is subtracted from your final bill.

Q. What are your rates?


A. For info on rates, click here


Q. Do you work on a flat fee or bulk rate arrangement?


A. Yes, when it makes sense for you. If you have a regular volume of work that could benefit from a consistent voice, you may save significant time and money with Flat Fee Voiceover.  These arrangements are also custom quoted based on the factors below and the anticipated volume and flow of work.


Q. How are rates quoted?


A. There are several factors considered for each quote:

  1. Genre
    What type of project is it? For example, broadcast commercial, corporate narration, explainer video, telephony (IVR or message on hold), eLearning, medical narration, etc.

  2. Length
    How long is the finished project? This can be measured in time, word count, or page count depending on the genre.

  3. Usage
    Where and how will the product be used? For broadcast (TV and/or radio, which markets, how many markets, size of markets), web (on a website, paid for web advertising, social media, YouTube, etc), internal corporate use, etc. If I don’t know the usage, I can’t accurately quote the project.

  4. Duration
    How long will the voiceover be used? 3 months? 6 months? 1 year? 

  5. Budget
    Your budget should be based on an understanding of the fair market value and industry standard for voice over work.


Q. What is your turnaround time?

A. I am able to turn around typical projects in one or two business days. If you need extra-tight turnaround, by all means, let’s chat! 


Q. How are the final files delivered?

A. Any way that works for you. Eg. WeTransfer.

I can output files in any professional format, and typically deliver them via email or Google Drive. If you have another preferred delivery method (Eg. Dropbox, etc.) just let me know.


Q. What is your policy on retakes and revisions?

A. Non-script-correct mistakes on my part are always fixed for free. For the complete policy on retakes and revisions click here.  (LINK THE RATES FILE)

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