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UK +44 (0)7855293992 / Spain +34 643291456

Spanish Americas / English International
Voice over artist & voice actor 

Authoritative, warm,  sensual
The voice for some of the world's leading brands

female Spanish voiceover artist, Cisco Systems Logo
female Spanish voiceover artist, BBC logo
female Spanish voiceover artist, United Nations logo
female Spanish voiceover artist, Revlon logo
female Spanish voiceover artist, Coca Cola logo
female Spanish voiceover artist, Stella Artois logo
female Spanish voiceover artist, Sea Life logo
female Spanish voiceover artist, American Express logo

English International

Explainer - humorous, assured - Script t
Narration - intriguing, suspense-BBC Fif
Commercial - commanding, Informative - T
Corporate - articulate, confident -Telef
Dubbing - friendly, character - BBC Rad
Documentary - articulate, authoritative
Narration - strong Spanish accent - Ta
Podcast - energetic, up beat - Around th

Spanish Americas

Commercial - engaging, dinamic - YouTube
Gaming - sexy, sultry - Marvel
Voice acting - narration, characters
Medical - eloquent, authoritative - Roch
Presentation English
Commercial - warm, believable - Bank Gem
Dubbing - compassionate, concerned - The
Podcast - eloquent, friendly - Internati

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Revlon - TV promo with Emma Stone - Luxury

sophisticated, conversational 

Gemalto Digital Security Promo - Corporate professional

On Demand TV Promo - High energy, excited

Coca Cola - TV Promo - Character voices

Rudyard Kipling - Poetry, English

Spanish Narration - Muerte en Samarra, Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Narration - Episodio del Enemigo - Jorge Luis Borges

Royal Navy  Cinema Promo - Mysterious, sinister

Marvel Comics Spanish Character Voices

On Demand 'The  Muppets' TV Promo 

Skip - TV Promo - Sophisticated, conversational, explainer

 Documentary English international - Walking Free 

Narration Spanish Voice Artist - Almuerzo y Dudas, Mario Benedetti


Voice Acting English International - Mythological story - BBC 



Script to Fit



A video translation & copywriting service

specifically for voiceover scripts in Spanish.













Generally a paragraph in Spanish will have a significantly higher word count than its equivalent in English.

All too often a standard English to Spanish translation will end up being too long to fit the sequence in a video edited for the English text. Often this leads to time wasted in the studio, a rushed or unnatural delivery and can undermine the overall quality of the production.

This is where our copywriting skills come in.

We go further than a literal word for word translation, getting to the root of the meaning and insuring it is conveyed succinctly and in the appropriate tone of voice for your message. 


With a background in journalism, translation and a full understanding of the importance of brand values we will deliver translated text and original copy perfectly tailored to fit your message and video.


Conversion of audio speech into written text for subtitles


Editing copy for style, fluency and impact

voice over supervision

Direction services in recording studios, via Source-Connect and Skype


creative writing

Adaptation of scripts for voice over recording,

podcast production, editing audio material and adding sound and music


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Jacqueline Vitali Female Spanish Voiceover artist

Born in South America with a background in voice acting and journalism, Jacqueline also worked as a radio presenter in Argentina until moving to England where she has been a professional voice over artist & voice actor for more than 16 years. She has recorded extensively for some of the world's most recognised brands and institutions, from Radio & TV commercials, audiobooks to e-learning and character voices for the BBC.

She has a versatile voice; believable, sensual and warm.

Female Spanish voice over artist
with Home Studio
Neumann TLM 102 microphone
Mac | Logic Pro X
Motu Pro Interface

Cleanfeed Pro



Equity logo, The Spanish Voice

here's what some of Jacqueline's clients are saying...

"It was a pleasure working with you and I hope that we have the opportunity to do so in the future"

Maggie Clarke, Kilmorie Clarke Ltd

"Jacqueline proved to be an excellent voice over choice for one of our global clients who needed a native Latin American Spanish talent"

Mother London

"Thank you so much for your help doing the voice for us on the Cocaine sound design...

...the client was amazed at how moving it is"

Leo Burnet, London

"Jacqueline was a pleasure to work with. She was friendly , professional , open to direction and performed with genuine enthusiasm"

Chris Hitchcock, Maple Street Studio, London



Jacqueline Vitali is represented by Hobsons International

You can also call her directly on +44 (0) 7813 804853  or +34 643 291 456

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