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'Script to Fit' the well-tailored video script

Voice Over Style: Natural, conversational, informative

One problem I come across a lot is the oversized video script.

This is more common in Spanish scripts because of the conventions of the Spanish language.

A paragraph in English will be quite a bit longer once it is translated into Spanish

This tendency leeds to translated scripts being too wordy to fit the sequence in a video which has been edited to the English text.

Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a complaint! Part of my job is fixing problems,

making on-the-spot adjustments to translations so that they make better sense

and making sure things work as well as they possibly can.

It’s just that often, where time is money,there isn’t enough of it to spend getting things perfect in the studio.

It’s also not a great idea to mess with a script that has been signed off by a client who isn’t present at the recording! All too often the only solution is to read the text as quickly as humanly possible in the hope that it can all be crammed into its allotted space. It brings to mind Cinderella’s ugly sister squeezing her foot into the glass slipper! I’m happiest when I’m producing top quality work; needless to say, this doesn’t produce the best results and can seriously undermine the quality of the finished production.

As in all areas of life things that have been designed for their purpose always work best. Made to measure, bespoke, tailored are all attributes we associate with quality.

This is especially important where a brand is being represented. All aspects of a video’s production reflect the brand’s values and of course this includes the script and the voiceover.

Something that is made to fit will always have an effortless sense of quality and a tailored script will always be a joy to read.

Jacqueline Vitali offers a creative copywriting and translation service for video.


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